Tom Ferry Success Summit Reflection

So I want to reflect on the past two weeks of mylife. August 5-8 I attended the Tom Ferry Success Summit. I must admit, I was a little skeptical at first. I’ve been to many workshops, seminars, event etc where they give you just enough information to leave you wanting more before asking for some ridiculous amount of money to learn the “secrets”.

Let me tell you, this was not the case with Tom Ferry. First off, agents of my Prudential California Realty office received an amazing deal. Unless you’re already a trillionaire or planned on dying that week, it would have been foolish not to attend.

I made the necessary arrangements with my husband to take care of the kids while I attended the summit. I met up with my business partner so we could go get some insight on growing our real estate business. All the while I was driving to Anaheim I was praying that this would be something useful and not a waste of time. Then I snapped out of those thoughts since I am not a trillionaire and had no plans on dying; What did I really have to lose?

Let me tell you, Tom Ferry goes in hard from day one. After 3 1/2 days it was almost information overload. I am now using the workbook as my real estate bible. So you may be wondering when I will get to the point and tell you what I learned. Well, here it goes. I learned about some new things technology wise that we could use to grow our business, but the most important thing that stood out to me of the hundreds of ideas shared is changing your mindset.

Changing your mindset is a skill. You have to choose to be positive. You have to create the habits of success within you and express them daily. You have to commit to your success just as you would to your spouse. This is what I had been missing all along. We go through our lives saying that we want to be successful and we have dreams. Until we commit to making those dreams a reality they stay in our head and lose prominence over time.

I always knew that I wanted to be successful and I’ve changed my career path dozens of times. The only thing I ever really fell back on when I “failed” was real estate. After the Tom Ferry Summit, I now know what I have been doing wrong. I was committed to the idea of success without the proper direction on how to be successful. The light bulb truly went off last week.

I have since committed myself to the habits that will create the success I’ve been striving for my whole live. Over the past week, I have seen improvement on my team’s productivity. It took just a small shift in our mindset to help us see the light. Now we’re on our way to elevating our success with no apologies.

I don’t want to end this blog without extending our services to you. If you are looking to invest in commercial/residential real estate, have probate or trust property issues, or need to sell, feel free to contact the SNL Team 909-494-2280.

Special thanks to Rich Cosner of Prudential California Realty and Tom Ferry.
Extra special thank you to my husband and my partner Sharon Barnes. Without their support, I probably wouldn’t have attended the summit.


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Riverside County property values set to increase by 7.74%

I found this Press Enterprise article interesting. My experience over the past year and a half has shown a spike in value in both residential and commercial real estate. Builders are building new homes again. Commercial investors are buying and selling retail, office, and industrial space. Vacant land sales have also increased.

This is a good sign that the real estate market is turning around. Now would be a good time to sell, buy, or invest.

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Real Estate Market Rewind

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but I’ve been super busy. Between searching for property for my buyers and working a listing, let’s just say so much to do so little time. This blog is to fill you in on what’s been going on in my real estate world. First off, my partner and I acquired a listing in San Bernardino. The seller is a converted FSBO who’d been trying to sell his home for over a year.

We sat down with the Seller on August 3rd. We created a lovely iPad listing presentation and converted the Seller from his FSBO status. So to make a long story short, we took the listing on Aug 3rd, placed it on the MLS and our website on Aug 5th and in less than 60 seconds the first offer came in.  20 minutes in, there were 3 more offers and by the next day 14 offers!

Not bad, right?  Now our converted FSBO’s head is spinning and he is in awe. He felt that the property was located in a depressed area of San Bernardino and it wouldn’t sell quickly. Well, we definitely dispelled that myth. Needless to say, after a little bit of a bidding war between investors, we’re now in escrow and about a week away from closing.

So what I have learned thus far this month, is that the market is getting tighter by the day and if you like it, you better put an offer in ’cause it won’t be there tomorrow.

With that said, it pays to network and  the SNL Team has done it again! Everything we touch turns to SOLD!

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Inventory Shortage in Real Estate

Welcome to my first WordPress Blog Post. 

As Summer approaches, more home buyers are flooding the market. This is the best time to purchase a home and get settled in before the kids have to go back to school in the Fall. We are currently experiencing a shortage of inventory/homes at this time. In the real estate cycle, when demand exceeds supply a Seller’s Market is created. Sellers can generally get well over asking price for their home during this time. 

Case in point, I showed my client a property in Moreno Valley Mother’s Day weekend. We rushed to submit an offer which meant that I had to go into my office on Mother’s Day. The asking price was $200,000, so we submitted a strong offer of $225,000. The following day, I followed up with the listing agent on the status of our offer. The listing agent received 95 offers on the properties! I was blown away. I have seen 10, 15, 20, even 40 overs; but 95? 

So what we need now are sellers. If you have entertained the idea of selling your home or having trouble keeping up with your payments. PLEASE CALL ME! I have 82 buyers that need  homes right now. I am looking for Moreno Valley, Perris, Beaumont, and other cities throughout the Inland Empire.

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Thank you for reading.

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